Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Essence of Simple Living

Morning. It's been a week of small accomplishments - they're good aren't they? You know when you actually manage to tick things off your ever-expanding 'to-do list' rather than adding incrementally to it. Passport renewal for Noah: tick; order steam cleaner for increasingly offensive kitchen floor: tick. How has your week been so far?

I mentioned on Monday about my little shopping trip at the weekend. Now this might sound like complete rubbish to the unacquainted, but despite rumours to the contrary I don't actually spend a huge amount of time shopping. I know what you're thinking, but it's true. Large shopping centres began to offend my sensibilities so I avoided them like Gwyneth Paltrow avoids a large steak and kidney pudding. But needs must, so on Saturday with my fashionably heavy bag and reassuringly comfortable shoes I stepped forth into the breach with my friend of 20 years.

We covered most of the main fashion stores before hitting some of the home places including one of my favourites in Selfridges, The White Company. Now in my head I'm the sort of person that shops at The White Company and has a home full of their gorgeous linens, heavy ceramics and artisan bread boards. But the reality is I'm just too chaotic for a white home and don't have the salary to match the high prices. So instead my pinboards on Pinterest are full of ethereal looking white kitchens and homes, and I stick to the principal of simple is better in my wardrobe [most of the time]. 

Is there a  certain look or style that you aspire to? Does the reality ever match the dream? 

PS. With a 50% sale on at the moment now is definitely the best time to buy those gorgeous linens and ceramics!

Dreaming of a white home...

Image via: Mommo Design

Image via: Johanna Pilfalk

Image via: Editions Doa

Pared down wardrobe staples...

Image via: Pinterest [source unknown]

Image via: Seen and Said

1. Black silk shirt, Hush SHOP NOW
2. White t-shirt, Baukjen SHOP NOW
3. Cropped jeans, The White Company SHOP NOW
4. Striped top, Gap SHOP NOW
5. Tennis shoes, Toast SHOP NOW


  1. I'm a big fan of the White Company too. Especially their candles and fragrances, they smell so good. ♥ They're just a little bit expensive to buy every week. :)

  2. Gosh - aren't they Abi! I love them too, just wish they were more in my price bracket - it's the quality you just can't beat, oh well, worth saving pennies for perhaps? x


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