Monday, 10 February 2014

Design Classics: The Leather Jacket

Hello everyone, hope you're having a good Monday so far. 

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about leather. I have this jacket [above] in my wardrobe. It doesn't come out very often, but I'm feeling the urge to dust it off and wear it. Do you have any leather in your wardrobe? It's a funny one isn't it. It's a classic, simple, modern - I guess, but for some reason pretty hard to wear day to day. I always feel like I'm trying a bit too hard when I wear it, almost like it's not my real style, but someone else's much cooler than me who can carry off leather without a.) being too cold in winter and hot in summer b.) looking too mutton and c.) looking too desperate!

So I thought I'd have a look at a few ways to wear it that work, without working too hard. 

The jacket itself needs to be fitted, snug, erring on the side of slightly too small perhaps so that it fits close on the shoulders and in the sleeves. Anything too boxy, or big will look dated rather than modern. 

Black leather naturally lends itself to black and muted colours - here is my favourite editor wearing a tailored leather jacket and making it look easy. The heels help and that easy relaxed t-shirt - remember last week's posts on mixing basics with statement pieces? She makes it look easy.

Of course leather always works with denim, but I love this flared dark pair of jeans with the biker jacket. The jeans aren't too relaxed so give the jacket a bit more of tailored edge. Nice.

Image via: Pinterest

And this look feels really simple too. Slouchy trousers, soft layers, and comfortable shoes. It all feels relaxed and effortless.

Image via: LookLab

So here are a couple of ideas for how I would wear it to make it look a little different - away from the expected and into the more grown-up fun. 

For evening maybe with a jump suit, killer heels and glam accessories. With this kind of look that is pushing the style boat a bit [certainly for me], hair and eyes would have to be pretty casual, no big statements. I like the idea of a flash of colour on the lips but then keeping everything else soft, feminine.


 Black faux leather biker, Wallis - SHOP NOW
Jump suit, Baum Und Pfergarten from Atterley Road - SHOP NOW
Pink lipstick, Nars - SHOP NOW
Drop earrings, Anton Heunis at My Wardrobe - SHOP NOW
Glance shoes, Kurt Geiger - SHOP NOW
Pink bag, Dune at House of Fraser - SHOP NOW

And finally for day I love the mix of biker and hippy so that print maxi would look really boho with the soft leather jacket by French Connection. The point is not to try too hard, but keep the pieces pretty, soft, and feminine.

How would you wear it?


Sunglasses, ASOS - SHOP NOW
Maxi skirt, Mango - SHOP NOW
Leather jacket, French Connection - SHOP NOW
Relaxed t-shirt, Baukjen - SHOP NOW
Nail Varnish, Tom Ford at House of Fraser - SHOP NOW
Canvas pumps, ASOS - SHOP NOW
Satchel bag, Boden - SHOP NOW


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