Monday, 3 February 2014

Great basics and pieces to add personality

Morning All. Monday morning - hope you had a great weekend? I spent an interesting day on Saturday studying anatomy for my yoga teacher training - yes really : D x It is totally fascinating and well out of my comfort zone - as you can imagine, but sometimes that's great right? 

Back in my comfort zone and I was chatting with a friend over coffee the other day and she was bemoaning the fact she didn't really know how to shop for clothes. Confused by what suited her, unsure of what she already had in her wardrobe, and confused as to what pieces would fit with her existing clothes. 

I work to a non-scientific formula - not tested and certainly not foolproof - but it's a pretty effective way of weighing up what you might need and therefore what to look out for. I start with the basics, these are the foundation of your wardrobe, the essentials on-which everything else is built, and with all foundations they need to be good and solid, that means quality and a great cut for your shape, depending on your budget. If you can afford a little bit more for your basics look out for American Vintage otherwise Gap and American Apparel are great for t-shirts and other jersey basics. 

Jeans, and separates in white, grey, navy, camel and black [depending on your colouring] make up the bulk of these kind of pieces. But shirts, easy jackets, simple dresses, and great, comfortable shoes [heels or flats depending on what you're up to] are also great to invest in. These are the pieces that take no thinking about, you can guarantee to reach into your wardrobe and you know they'll fit, look flattering, and most importantly make you feel confident. That means for instance, trousers that hug and hold you in in all the right places, but won't pinch if you sit down for lunch or at your desk. These pieces should make up the bulk of your wardrobe maybe 40/50%.

1. Navy denim dress, Gap SHOP NOW
2. Watch, Massimo Dutti SHOP NOW
3. Relaxed jacket, American Vintage SHOP NOW
4. Wide leg trousers, Me and Em SHOP NOW
5. Sunglasses, Whistles SHOP NOW
6. Navy bag, Longchamp SHOP NOW

The remaining percentage should be split between 40/50% what I call personality pieces, and 10% practical non-stylish essentials, these are the things you do the garden in or go to the gym in, maybe sit at home with the papers and a bowl of salted crisps in. This is where comfort and practicality over-take any thought of style, and god-forbid we're allowed some time off [so say I!].

The 'personality' pieces are those things that work with all your essentials and define your style over anyone else's. It's the pops of colour that flatter your skin, the modern cut jacket with a design-detail that makes you feel like you're wearing Saint Laurent [when actually it's Zara!!]. This is the fun stuff that girl friend's comment on and ask where you got it. The trick is that they should work easily with your essentials so the jersey tops that go under that great jacket, and the perfect black heels that will always work for a night out with a vintage cocktail dress or ultra-modern jump suit.

The whole process can take years so don't be daunted, but by building a wardrobe that works for you, in the long term you'll save money by knowing exactly what to buy to fill the gaps, fit the occasion or just for the sheer hell because you really love it.

Do you think your wardrobe works for you? Which area do you think you've got gaps? And don't forget if you've got specific questions you can always hit the 'Style Advice' button to the right of the screen and ask me anything.

See you Wednesday x

1. Jumpsuit, Warehouse SHOP NOW
2.Bracelet, Dog Eared at ASOS SHOP NOW
3. Jacket, Zara SHOP NOW
4. Print loafer, Ravel SHOP NOW
5. Suede bag, ASOS SHOP NOW
6. Striped jumper, Whistles SHOP NOW

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