Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Inspirational Women: Fashion Stylist, Art Director and blogger, Sasha Barrie

Wednesday morning and time for an inspiring interview on the blog today! 

The Style Notebook has always been about discovering your own style, what kind of clothes suit you, and show off your figure and personality to their absolute best. The simple bit is that it shouldn't be complicated, because frankly where's the fun in that, my life's complicated enough! In truth it was about my journey to discover my style [hint: still looking!], and the people who have informed and inspired me along the way. The people in the fashion industry I admired over the years were those who understood what suited them and stuck to it with unflinching focus, never wavering to fleeting trends. Sasha was one of those people. 

Fashion stylist, art director and blogger Sasha Barrie is someone I've known for years since our time working together on Red, and she always stuck to her style guns. Her aesthetic is about simplicity and quality above everything else. While I'd be experimenting with boho one season and a bit of modern sportswear the next, Sasha always looked effortless and stylish in simple modern separates with a masculine edge. Since our time at Red, Sasha has risen through the fashion ranks to work for the biggest titles in the industry and brands on the high street. She now pens her own influential fashion blog The Perfectionlist which reflects her distinctive style.

I wanted to tap into her style psyche and find out what inspired her work and more importantly her own look, which remains simple and modern, yet frustratingly camera-shy ; D x

Can you tell us about your background - how you came to work as a fashion stylist?

I have been working in the industry for almost 13 years. I started out studying fashion design, completing a degree in the subject prior to embarking on the intern trail as a means to getting my first job. That was as an assistant at Red (where I met yours truly!!) and since then I have been working my way up, holding senior positions at Marie Claire, Elle UK and Easy Living before embarking on a freelance career just over a year ago. Now I am working with clients such as M&S, Jaeger and New Look and working on an exciting project for the womenswear brand Baukjen.

Why did you start writing the blog and who is it aimed at?

I decided to start the blog www.theperfectionlist.com as I wanted to share my ideas of simplicity and perfection as I see it with a wider audience. I am a real stickler for finishes (greatest bug bear being those on bags or shoes, really no excuse for something that looks cheap!!) quality and design in all areas of culture, fashion and style.

What is your definition of style? 

Style is in a way impossible to define, but one thing is for sure, when you see it, you know it!! It's a confidence in what you wear, a signature that an individual creates.......I believe that you cannot buy style (though a never ending supply of Celine would help!!), it's something that you cultivate when you find what suits you and as a rule, the most stylish people always look totally effortless!!

How would you define your own style and how has it evolved over the years?

Black, Navy, Grey and White with the odd piece of classic blue shirting..........no, really, I have certainly nailed what I like and what suits me over the years and it is largely formed of the aforementioned colours!! Simple, clean and classic with an androgynous tilt....nothing that shouts; "look at me" in an attention seeking or outrageous way. Over the years my choices have become more investment, one great piece that lasts rather than three of those that don't.

Who are your favourite designers and brands and why?

I have had a bit of a lifelong obsession with A.P.C and that is still certainly up there. I love everything about their aesthetic and design with pieces that are made to last. In addition designer wise, if money was no object, I would say Celine (though S/S 14 was rather bright), Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, Acne and Vanessa Bruno. High street wise it would be Cos, as they are as close to the above as the high street can offer at the moment.

What would be your 5 wardrobe essentials you think every woman should own?

Grey crew neck classic sweatshirt, great pair of well cut jeans, a good pair of boots (Church's ankle boots are a favourite) good quality T shirt and a masculine cut jacket/coat.

5 Wardrobe Essentials:

White t-shirt, James Perse - SHOP NOW
Grey sweat top, Sunspel - SHOP NOW
Ankle boots, Churches at Net a Porter - SHOP NOW
Masculine coat, Band of Outsiders at Matches - SHOP NOW
Jeans, Acne at Browns - SHOP NOW

And can you give us 5 pieces you're coveting at the moment?

This Balenciaga wool knit jersey top is just great [1]. Not too cropped and in a great shade of grey....love it!

I love this A.P.C tote bag [2]. I featured it last season on my blog in a dark brown, but they have reissued it for S/S in black (shown here) or white...…perfect!!

I am not so big on jewellery, but I totally love this bracelet [3], again something I have featured on the blog!

I love this cutout hem blazer from Cos [4]. A change to my usual lapel style jackets, I love how this could be worn with a simple T-Shirt and teamed with a cute skirt or jeans and still look great!!

Talking of jeans, those from MIH are fantastic [5], this season I am loving their Phoebe style in an original wash.

The Perfectionlist top 5 most coveted:

1. Balenciaga top - SHOP NOW
2. APC bag - SHOP NOW
3. Martin Margiela bracelet - SHOP NOW
4. Cos coat - SHOP NOW
5. MIH jeans - SHOP NOW

Can you give us one piece of simple of advice for how to discover our own style?

Work with your shape and be aware of proportions. I have no waist so I steer clear of vintage, and as a result I veer towards more boyish cuts that suit my shape, and my style has evolved accordingly.

For more info on Sasha go to; www.sashabarrie.com or her agency site www.a&rphotographic.co.uk. Subscribe to her blog www.theperfectionlist.com for weekly style/design news!!


  1. Great interview, I have a question though. I love yours and Sasha's style, the simplicity of it really works and looks effortless without looking sloppy but I'm often left wondering how much colour plays into this. My colouring is much warmer (do you put any stock in colour theory?) so white, black and grey make me look washed out and tired, but would these styles really work in a different colour set?

  2. Morning! Thanks so much for your question - Sasha's style works really well for her, but you're right it won't necessarily be right for all of us. I love essentials like Sasha's mixed with brighter pieces, so the grey jacket, white t-shirt and denim could work well with a warm colour accent like a scarf in a pink or orange shade. I'd even be tempted to go for a jacket or top in a brighter colour but keep the style and shape simple to keep it modern. What do you think? Could this kind of styling work for your colouring? It really is about exploring what suits you, hope that helps! x

  3. Really enjoyed this interview Amy and so happy to discover Sasha and The Perfectionalist! It really is the secret to style, knowing what suits you. Mel xx

  4. Hiya Mel, so glad you liked the interview! Sasha has such a brilliant eye it was a treat to feature her. xx


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