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Inspirational Women: Katherine Foks, jewellery designer of Eve and Fox

Morning All. How are you today? There is a hint of sunshine in the cloudy skies over Sheffield today - full of promise of the spring to come - can't wait! I have some snow drops and bulbs starting to emerge in my garden and we spent a muddy afternoon at the weekend starting to clear some of the dead leaves and winter detritus from the shady corners of our small garden. Do you have a garden? I get so excited about the delicate flowers and pretty colours changing throughout the year, it can become quite addictive. 

I wanted to share a jewellery designer and collection with you this morning that reminded me of those pretty flowers in my garden, in particular the ceramic pendants with flowers and birds. The collection recently caught my eye, and one of the designers, Katherine, agreed to have a quick chat about her work. 

Affordable jewellery can be a minefield - to find quality and originality at a great price can be very difficult, so I loved the look and feel of Eve and Fox jewellery by designers Katherine and Ron Foks. Together they are creating quirky, vintage inspired pieces that can make a special present. [Hint: If someone is asking for a suggestion for aValentines gift - direct them to the website!]. I wanted to know more about how Katherine came into design and what inspires her work.

Morning Katherine, can you tell us a little about your background and previous work - have you always designed jewellery?

I've always been interested in design and fashion, but actually did a degree in Sports Management. It was when my sister Eve opened a gallery in Leicester and I  started working for her, helping with the buying, I became really interested in jewellery design. I then met my husband who had a talent for making things. I would ask him to make jewellery for myself to wear, which then Eve loved, to us coming up with our first collection in 2008.

Do you have a particular person in mind when you design?

Having a shop I have learnt that you can't appeal to everybody with your choice of products, you just have to take a few risks to create a unique shop that stands out from the rest. I try and do this with my jewellery. I like to design original pieces that are different to all the other designs out there, and just think when I'm designing a piece; would I love wearing this? If the answer is yes, then it's in the collection!

How has the style and look of the range evolved?

Over time the jewellery has evolved as we have had more experience of using different techiniques and materials. To keep it fresh and original I think it has to keep evolving, and also I can't stop thinking of new designs every day!

Clockwise from top left:

Swallow earrings SHOP NOW
Butterfly friendship bracelet SHOP NOW
Mint green glass earrings SHOP NOW
Swallow and pearl bracelet SHOP NOW
Druzy sweetheart necklace SHOP NOW
Issy bracelet SHOP NOW
Ceramic heart bird pendant SHOP NOW
Ceramic rose heart charm necklace SHOP NOW

Who or what inspires you?

I've been to Paris a few times and love the individuality and quirkiness of the boutiques and the products they sell.  I get inspiration from the little things I have seen for example the colour combinations of the shops and think of ways to incorporate that into my jewellery.

Can you describe your own style and how it fits with the business?

I've always liked to wear jewellery that is delicate and pretty, that you can wear everyday, and I follow that rule when I design for Eve and Fox.

You're a mum now - how has this affected your work?

With having a baby and a 5 year old, a shop and a jewellery business, it's pretty hectic, but I love it. I get to spend all day with my baby and then fit work around both of them, as soon as they go to bed I can go down to our studio and work.

Do you have 1 piece of simple advice for buying jewellery?

I think if buying a necklace or bracelet you should always buy one with a good quality chain. On a lot of costume jewellery the chain's base metal isn't sterling silver, but most likely brass, which can break really easily. We always use sterling silver chains for all our jewellery, and it's very rare that we have one returned.

To see the full collection go to the website at, you can also follow them on Facebook at

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