Monday, 17 February 2014

Style Advice: Raincoats

Morning All. Hope you had a good weekend? The rain continued here in England over the weekend, although on Sunday we had a little respite when the sun finally came out and the whole country went outside. It was lovely. There was a hint of the spring to come.

A friend recently asked me about raincoats, so this may be a little late in the day here, but I thought it was quite timely as a good raincoat doesn't mind the season and if looked after, should last you for years.

My friend was specifically after a yellow rubber rain coat, the kind fishermen used to wear. The best kind of coats for the British weather include vulcanised seams and fabrics, the kind used by traditional craftsmen like Hancock in Scotland - this video will give you an idea of the kind of workmanship and skill that is involved and is totally fascinating.

Of course with this kind of skill comes a pretty hefty price tag. You can buy Hancock at some exclusive boutiques such as Matches

Mackintosh is another traditional rainwear outfitters. I love their Toft style mac, but at £950 it is way out of my price-range. So if you like the traditional style raincoat over a Berghaus technical style like my friend, but can't pay the heritage prices there are some cute alternatives on the high street. 

Here is a selection of my favourites:

1. Seafolly jacket, Seasalt Cornwall - SHOP NOW
2. Maisie mac, Fat Face - SHOP NOW
3. Rainy day mac, Boden - SHOP NOW
4. Iconic women's raincoat, Petit Bateau - SHOP NOW


  1. Absolutely obsessed with the Mustard yellow Seafolly raincoat. Boden have some fab printed raincoats this season too. But yello gets my vote every time! A proper classic. X

  2. Amy this is brilliant, thanks! Kerry x

  3. (Post got cut off!) The video is gorgeous, such craftsmanship x

  4. Gorgeous video. Loved it. Brilliant work Amy, I love to to read your blogs, it has literally become my "one stop shop" for all style inspiration xx

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, amazing to think this has had almost my top number of hits of all my blogposts - nearly 1000! Just goes to show : ) x I think our hearts probably lie where style and practicality meet - really there's no point looking great if you're cold and wet right?! xx

  6. These are superb, design is awesome and it looks like jacket.

  7. Nice designs, i really like that yellow color one.

  8. Great collection of raincoats. As per me red raincoats looks too awesome.

  9. it seems very cool when at any plat form provides the information about our wear and tear for daily routine things .
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