Monday, 24 March 2014

Pinterest Favourites...

Morning. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with loved ones and lots of laughter. 

I'm back in the studio for a couple of days so today's post is short but sweet. I wanted to share some of my most recent discoveries on Pinterest. I have to ration myself to just a few minutes each day otherwise the hours would soon fly by, but there is so much inspiration and creativity shared on Pinterest it's hard to stop.

Who are your favourite people to follow? Some of my recent favourites are Clementine Daily and Briar of Marble and Milkweed. I'd love to know who you follow, and hope you have a great week. x

2. Via Cup of Jo
3. Via Motilo
5. Via Trendenser

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  1. Really love the Courtney Adamo on cup of Jo, would happily adapt her style! Thanks for Fridays post too, so nice to read the trials as well as the joys - paints a truer picture. Kerry x


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