Friday, 14 March 2014

Simple and Smart Shopping

Friday morning and it's a beautiful day here in England. It's been a busy few weeks for me but those hectic periods really make me appreciate the calm of quieter times. Working freelance it's a constant struggle trying to find the right balance between work and life, but as with all things I often think things will naturally fall into place. With this in mind I thought I'd talk a little about money today. The very English part of me makes an audible shiver at this point! We are as comfortable discussing money as were are sex and religion [hint: not very!!], but really it's such a huge part of how we live our lives today. 

I've been coveting some black pumps, you know the kind of thing like the pictures below; sexy, slim, will go with most things and dress up even the most relaxed of outfits for an evening out if pushed - jeans, cargoes, pencil skirt and trousers. When I was working full time my instinct would have been to go to Kurt Geiger, Dune perhaps, my salary never stretched to Jimmy Choo. I am under no illusions here. I know in life you get what you pay for, but I also know that money is hard-earned and I don't spend £80 on shoes lightly anymore. 

Image via: Collage Vintage

Image via: Style Snooper Dan

Image via: Style Snooper Dan

So I've had my eye out for something more affordable and found them at the weekend. At the bottom of a row of reduced shoes in a local charity shop were some black pumps so close to the ones I'd been looking for I couldn't ignore them. 

They were £1. 

Yes, you read right £1…

Now I think about what £1 can buy you, and the honest answer is well, not much. Some fruit, a lip balm, a chocolate treat for home time, but the pleasure in slipping those shoes on for a night out with the satisfaction of knowing I saved some money today is frankly worth the effort. And to be honest there is considerable effort involved in shopping clever on a budget. 

The easiest thing in the world is to see something on-line, in a magazine, or out shopping that you like and think - what the hell, I deserve it. But actually taking the time to visit the second hand and discount shops, look through the rails of unwanted, discarded, ugly clothes to find that one gem, that takes effort and commitment. In my constant struggle to find the balance in my life this is one small area I'm happy to continue trying. And the money I've saved will go to something lovely, like my weekend with Noah to discover some fossils at the museum in Manchester. 

I can't wait! Hope you have a great weekend too, whatever you're up to. x

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