Friday, 21 March 2014

Simple Inspiration - staying positive

Happy Friday everyone. I'm posting a little late today, but hopefully it will become apparent why in my post. I hope you've had a great week? 

Today's post is less style, more substance. After a week of soul searching I wanted to reflect a little on my thoughts and hopefully help out those who might be having a similar journey at the moment. After Wednesday's blogpost I hit a bit of a low. My motivation for the blog was gone, my usual energy had disappeared, I felt like I'd hit a wall with my various projects and plans. I felt like a lot of doors were closing, and after putting so much time, energy and hope into things it left me feeling pretty down. 

So I stopped.

I stopped trying. Stopped pushing so hard. Stopped running. Stopped hoping. Stopped thinking for a while and just tried to be…

Have you ever tried not doing anything? It's pretty impossible right? We're proactive. Go-getters. Doers. Yoga has helped me tremendously with learning the difficult art of being still. It goes against every fibre in my body so is one of the hardest things I practice in yoga. I can stand on my head, plank for an abnormally long time [!] but actually sitting still is nigh-on impossible. We are a generation of multi-taskers. If we're driving we're listening to the radio, we're constantly attached to technology every moment of the day, so doing nothing for a while feels counter-intuitive. 

But I have to say it really did help me. I took time and processed all the emotions I was feeling, accepted that I had to perhaps wait for something to come to me rather than pushing to constantly drive things forward, and with the acceptance a weight lifted. I felt happier, lighter and more positive.

So here are a few thoughts that have helped me this week. I'll be printing it out and putting it on my pin board as a reminder the next time I'm feeling down. There is a printable version here on Googledocs if you'd like to download and print it too.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and see you next week. x


  1. So true Amy..i think everyone can benefit from this. A big one here is to stop comparing your journey to others. i remember learning this during the first BYW course i did and I always keep that in mind. And I do look back at how far I've come too cause its a long way and we need to focus on what we have done not what we want to happen. I hope you are feeling a bit better this weekend..we all have our dips and down times..maybe we are meant to feel them and then be stronger for it..we are only human after all. you are doing a great job and i always enjoy seeing your posts in my mailbox..if only my seasons were the same as yours though. nicolex

  2. Hi Nicole, thank you so much for your message, I wasn't sure whether to write about feeling down, do people really want to read it? But I'm trying to write from the heart and be authentic so I'm glad you took the time to comment. I think social media can be a bit unhealthy for the 'comparing' thing, it's so easy to get sucked into Instagram, Facebook and beautiful blogs seeing what everyone else is up to and feeling I don't quite match up. Shame our seasons don't match up though!! xx


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