Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Simply Shopping: Ostwald Helgason for Aldo Rise

Morning All. Hope you're having a great week wherever you are in the world. I'm typing away in a hotel at the moment. Away with work for a few days it's nice to think about all my friends around the world who might be sitting down to read this!

I wanted to share a new collaboration this week, after my piece on Orla Kiely and Clarks last week. I love the idea of big global brands supporting smaller, more niche designers. It makes the sometimes faceless world of big commercial corporations seem somehow more human, and it's good for my yogic karma [?!], The idea of the connectedness of us all, no matter how small. Enough Doctor Seuss, back to style…

I recently read about a collaboration between the London based designers Ostwald Helgason and Spanish accessories brand Aldo. I loved this short video that seemed to reflect so much about the design team and their new line.

Unfortunately I can't seem to actually find the line on the Aldo website, sure it will be on there soon. In the meantime here are some great images from Refinery 29 who also recently featured the collaboration.

I love the bright, clashing colours, fun, modern design, and sharp, clean aesthetic. Plus the heel looks like a style I might actually be able to wear! 

What do you think? I'd love your thoughts on the designs and if you think big business should be supporting up and coming designers?

Images via: Refinery 29 

1. Grey chinos, Gap - SHOP NOW
2. Silk panel sweater, J Crew - SHOP NOW
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4. Casio watch - SHOP NOW
5. Aldo Rise shoe - SHOP NOW

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