Monday, 3 March 2014

Style Update: The Midi Skirt

Morning All. Monday morning and back to work. I'm heading back to the studio today after a break and Noah is back at school after our adventure at the seaside. 

We had so much fun and the weather was incredible for February in England - Noah and his friends even paddled barefoot in the sea - kids don't seem to feel the cold right?!

This morning I'm in the mood for more spring style after our glimpse of the sunshine by the sea, and I'm looking at one of this season's style updates for your wardrobe. 

This is a tricky one and should come with some kind of warning - a bit like you get on packets of peanuts when it says - CAUTION - MAY CONTAIN NUTS! Ha, makes me laugh every time. But this is a look that might not suit every shape and size. The mid-calf skirt is a look that's been floating [both literally and metaphorically] for a while. Part of that homage to 80s style; the shape of the skirt is quite full, and in it's latest guise is worn quite high-waisted with a top tucked in at the waist to emphasise the curves. 

To avoid it looking too dated it has to be worn with a pretty flat or a delicate heel, anything too comfy and curved will take the look into the realms of Sunday school mistress. Below you'll see how I might wear it, denim with a cashmere knit worn untucked and a denim flat for a twist.

Is it a look you'd try? 

1. Patterned skirt, Whistles - SHOP NOW
2. Pleat skirt, Zara - SHOP NOW
3. Flared skirt, Next - SHOP NOW

1. Jumper, Boden - SHOP NOW
2. Denim skirt, Warehouse - SHOP NOW
3. Flat pumps, Next - SHOP NOW
4. Enamel bangles, Anna Lou of London - SHOP NOW
5. Canvas tote, Etsy - SHOP NOW
6. Lip and cheek stain, Benefit - SHOP NOW

1 comment :

  1. I love the idea of a midi with some pretty pumps... Must be the sniff of sunshine! Am looking for a decent tote bag to replace a canvas one my daughter printed at nursey, the navy one is perfect. Hannah x


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