Wednesday, 30 April 2014

City Travel: Antwerp

Morning, hope you're having a great week. I'm spending a couple of days in the studio this week, so following Monday's post I wanted to share some more pictures from our trip to Antwerp. 

1. Canon Powershot, John Lewis | SHOP NOW
2. Grey suede bag, Essential Antwerp | SHOP NOW
3. Wallpaper Antwerp City Guide, Phaidon | SHOP NOW

It is a European design hub; a beautiful city rich in history and stunning architecture. We enjoyed getting lost down back streets, discovering antique shops and caf├ęs. I could spend a fortune in the vintage and antique shops! The Belgians have a certain eye for design. They mix faded, rustic pieces with large industrial furniture and come up with a look that is distinctly theirs, much like their clothes. 

I always enjoy observing the style in other countries, a  bit like a design sponge I try to absorb what it is that makes their style different, often unique. It's very different to French style, less polished and refined, somehow more casual, but just as considered. 

Is there a European style that appeals to you? We used to joke when we lived in London that you could tell the nationality of a tourist from 50 paces. Then we visited Spain in the summer and realised the English stand out like sunburnt sore thumbs!

Here are some suggestions of great places to eat if you're visiting Antwerp:

Tinsel on Vlaamse Kai | WEBSITE
Native on MuntStraat | WEBSITE
In de Roscom on the Vrijdaag Markt | WEBSITE
Biologisch - dynamische bakkerij | WEBSITE

Thanks to Coffeeklatch for the great suggestions!

And for shopping the best second hand designer fashion has to be Rosier 41 - where they sell all the best Belgian designers for a fraction of the usual price.

More pictures and travel inspiration on Friday - see you then.

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