Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What style suits you?

Morning all, Wednesday morning and we are still by the seaside enjoying unseasonably nice weather! I hope you're having a great week wherever you are? I'm still battling a poor internet connection so this week's posts are a little shorter than usual.

I had some good news this week, I passed my teacher training course which means I can officially teach yoga. It's a significant milestone as this was one of my ambitions I've had for the last 16 years since I started practicing when I was 21 living in London. Do you have any dreams, ambitions you'd like to fulfil? I'd love to hear what they might be!

Today on the blog I wanted to talk about what style personality you might be? Understanding what style suits you can be an ever-changing thing, and that's why it's good to take a look at your wardrobe every few years and check that it still represents who you are - now. I think about my friend Liz who worked for years as a project manager in an office juggling the demands of deadlines and corporate expectations. Her wardrobe had to be professional and smart. Liz now has her own business teaching children yoga and so her day to day wardrobe is very different. Have you had a change that has meant your wardrobe doesn't now meet your life's needs? Also we might mellow, change, have different demands or expectations of life.

Rachel Zoe the celebrity stylist once said that our style is a silent language we communicate with. We tell people something about ourselves without saying a word. What an interesting way of thinking about the clothes we wear. Do you know what style suits you? How have you figured it out? I'd love to hear.

I love the idea that you can take 1 dress and everyone will wear it in their own distinctive way. 

How would you wear it?

Dress, River Island | SHOP NOW

1. Hat, Miss Selfridge | SHOP NOW
2. Gold hoop earrings, ASOS | SHOP NOW
3. Boho bag, Accessorize | SHOP NOW
4. Flat sandals, Next | SHOP NOW
5. Vintage style earrings, Oasis | SHOP NOW
6. Jacket, Karen Millen | SHOP NOW
7. Clutch bag, Kurt Geiger | SHOP NOW
8. Wedge sandals, River Island | SHOP NOW


  1. Oh congratulations Amy! That is such fantastic news and I love reading about dreams coming true - well done on pursuing your dream, so many people put them on hold. My dream is something I put on hold and disregarded for many years but one that I'm working on now and that's writing. I wish to be published one day and earn a good living from this craft. Big contrats once again Amy! xx

  2. Morning Mel, thanks so much for the message! I really believe dreams are just about putting expression to what is already in your soul. Your writing is already inside you and it's just about putting pen to paper [or more likely fingers to keypad!] to give those ideas expression. If you speak authentically from what is in your heart, you'll definitely get there. xx


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