Monday, 12 May 2014

Pale boho style vs. Dark and modern

Monday morning, hope you had a great weekend? It has been very wet here in the UK with the promise of sunshine towards the end of the week. We're keeping fingers crossed! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are today.

I'm having a style quandary at the moment - ironic right?! I feel like my wardrobe is falling stubbornly into two separate camps, and they don't seem to sit too comfortably together. On the one hand I'm drawn to pretty, soft, boho inspired pieces that are relaxed and feminine; then there is the side of me that buys black, modern pieces, tailored, structured, simple, sometimes elegant. Now bear in mind this is my on-duty wardrobe I'm talking about, the pieces I wear to work, for an evening out, when I'm actually trying to make an effort. Of course, there's also the off duty pieces that are creeping ever further into the front of my wardrobe, ripped jeans, old comfy jumpers with holes that I can't bring myself to throw away. Definitely more hobo than boho. 

But with my smarter wardrobe I feel more relaxed and myself in the lighter colours, almost lighter and more authentically myself.

Image via: Fashion Clue

1. White lace blouse, Warehouse | SHOP NOW
2. Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil at Love Lula | SHOP NOW
3. Lotus drop earrings, Lavi and Belle | SHOP NOW
4.  Apple and Bee Shopper, John Lewis | SHOP NOW
5. White leather sandals, Pied a Terre at House of Fraser | SHOP NOW
6. Skinny trousers, Next | SHOP NOW

But when I'm shopping, pinning, feeling inspired, I'm drawn more to the pared down luxe of monochrome style.

In an ideal world, the two would meet in a happy marriage of pale and dark, light and shade, maybe that's where the answer is?!

Do you have a split style-personality? Maybe grungy on weekends, smart to the office?

1. Black jumper, French Connection | SHOP NOW
2. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Cheek Rush at House of Fraser | SHOP NOW
3. Cord bracelet, Massimo Dutti | SHOP NOW
4. Belted trousers, Mango | SHOP NOW
5. Leather bag, Massimo Dutti | SHOP NOW
6. Gitta shoes, Reiss | SHOP NOW

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