Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Simple Ideas: On Being Authentic

Morning All. Wednesday morning and sorry I missed my usual Monday morning post. Sometimes life just has its own plan doesn't it? As much as we think we have everything under control sometimes we just have to acknowledge that life has other ideas! 

I hope you're having a lovely week. I wanted to post a few ideas today. More of the substance and less of the style, although it is definitely connected to our style every day.

I've struggled to define what my blog is essentially about over the last few years. The reason I use the word 'style' is pretty key to the whole thing. Fashion for me is an external construct, something outside of ourselves that we can choose to buy into, or not, as the case may be. I have no problem with this. It is what makes the industry tick and keeps things vibrant and interesting, but 'style' is an entirely different thing. It is innate. We all have our own, and I'm endeavouring through my blog to help those who are interested find what it is that defines their own style.

I use the word 'simple' because I'm a big believer that less is definitely more when it comes to our clothes. It connects nicely with one of the yogic principles [for those interested the Niyamas of Sauca and Samtosha which refer to being uncluttered in mind and body, and having modest needs]. Phew, that feels a little heavy for a Wednesday morning, but it comes back to that over-stuffed wardrobe. If you can't see what you actually have in your cupboards it's difficult to have a clear mind about what your style is or, for that matter, who you are beyond all the stuff.

The work for me starts on the inside. Once we have a clear idea of who we are, our style comes from an authentic place. 

Choose what you love, but buy less. Instead of buying lots of pretty floral blouses that are all a variation on the same theme, go for the most beautiful that you can afford at this moment and wear it often. By listening to how you feel when you wear your clothes you begin to understand your own style and what suits you. When you feel happy, confident, uplifted and empowered in what you're wearing you know you're on the right track. If you love bright colours go with it. If you love soft pastels, don't be worried if they're not 'in' at the moment. 

Fashion can distract us from what we love. See it for what it is and find your own style 'voice', as stylist Rachel Zoe said "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak", so make sure your voice is clear.


  1. Thank you for the most wonderful advice Amy. Less is more often rings true. Mel xx

  2. Morning Mel, thanks so much for the lovely comment. Trying to write from my heart, so it's nice to hear that it resonates with you x


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