Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Simple Inspiration: Surf Style

Wednesday morning and back from a long weekend. Hope you had a good one? We spent a lovely couple of days in the garden, spoilt only by our neighbour's cat who has taken to using my beautifully cultivated veg patch, complete with rows of new potatoes ready to burst into life, as it's new-found toilet. The joys of British suburban life. So now my evenings and weekends are occasionally interrupted by me running into the garden, grabbing the hose pipe and squirting the little blighter with a shower of water as it begins to dig it's paws into my potatoes…

Today I wanted to share a few surf inspired pieces I've stumbled upon over the last week that made me smile. I'm a frustrated surfer. I imagine sitting in the water to be akin to a yoga-like meditation so have tried it a couple of times, once on a very exotic location shoot in Hawaii [yes, my past life really was that exciting!], and once again in the North Sea off the coast of Scarborough. Now, don't get me wrong I am a big supporter of holidaying here in the beautiful United Kingdom, but when it comes to catching a wave … well the North Sea has a way to go. Most recently I took Noah out in his wetsuit into the icy water and after 10 minutes of fair game he decided his feet were too much like blocks of ice to get any pleasure from the whole experience so he set about crying until I carried him all the way home up a very steep cliff [he is 3 stone of heavy weight now and honestly it served me right!].

So I shall stick, for now, to fantasising about surfing Waikiki Beach again and I might even splurge on the Boden top, which I love, and would look equally good on the North Yorkshire coast as it would on the Pacific shores.

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