Friday, 9 May 2014

Style Advice: Summer Tops

Friday morning - how are you? Hope you've had a great week. I have my second yoga class today, if you're a regular reader you'll know that last week was my first time teaching my own yoga class. It was an interesting, empowering and at times totally terrifying experience, but well worth it. Life occasionally throws those kinds of experiences at us and it's how we grow and evolve, so I'm looking forward to my second class today.

This week I spent an evening with a close friend going through her wardrobe. She was feeling stuck in a bit of a style rut. Her life and body had changed over the years after having three gorgeous children, but she felt her wardrobe hadn't, so we pulled out lots of things that reminded her of times past. Sad times and happy times; it was fascinating to see how the phases of her life were spelt out in her clothes.

We spoke about how clothes can make you feel better or make you feel out of sorts in any situation. Clothes, just like the food we eat and the exercise we take are a way of being the best version of ourselves. Clothes should make you feel your best, most confident, happy and comfortable self, whatever situation you find yourself in. 

With this in mind we edited down her wardrobe and talked about pieces to add that would work with her existing clothes.

Here are a few more ideas of great tops [she was wondering what tops in particular would work for summer]. This selection isn't as much for specifics, but more an idea of the kinds of things that go to creating a well balanced, practical wardrobe. 

Something for any occasion, and things that will go with the most simple basics [think jeans, chinos, mid-length skirt or capris], and easily dressed up or down. Similar versions of any of the tops below will work and can easily be adapted to suit your specific colouring and style.

1. Boyfriend shirt, Gap | SHOP NOW
2. T-shirt, Top Shop | SHOP NOW
3. Scoop back evening top, Next | SHOP NOW
4. Bretton striped top, Petit Bateau | SHOP NOW
5. Embroidered blouse, Mango at House of Fraser | SHOP NOW

Have I missed a piece that you consider an essential? I'd love to hear.

See you next week and have a great weekend x

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