Friday, 2 May 2014

Travel and new adventures

Hey, it's Friday morning already, how did that happen? Another busy week here, looking forward to a long weekend. 

Today my final installment of pictures from our trip to Antwerp. As you can see I was inspired by the wonderful rich colours of the city. The earthy browns and the deep blues. There seems to be a serenity, a peacefulness to the city that you don't often find. Of course we found our own peace sipping Cava in a beautiful little Spanish bar in the old town, but I enjoyed the space and creativity that we discovered too. 

1. St Issey striped jumper, SeaSalt Cornwall | SHOP NOW
2. Navy chinos, Fat Face | SHOP NOW
3. Woven bag, Oasis | SHOP NOW
4. Pumps, White Stuff | SHOP NOW

This morning I'm embarking on a new chapter, I begin teaching and am very excited, but as with any new adventure I have fear and doubt. Isn't it funny how convincing those voices in our heads can be? I've been trying to quieten them with meditation and conscious awareness, but wow they are pretty strong. So my only recourse is to tell them to pipe down and just dive in. 

Who knows where the journey will take me, but I'll let you know when I get there. 

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