Monday, 9 June 2014

Noteworthy: Miss Selfridge printed skirt

Monday morning, hope you had a good weekend. This morning a high street buy that combines a few of my favourite things, great simple, modern design, and value for money.

Miss Selfridge | SHOP NOW

I'm usually a trouser-girl. I feel a little too exposed in a skirt. It's probably our inclement weather and spending a lot of time chasing after a 5 year old, but usually for everyday a pair of trousers is pretty essential. But just occasionally you want to dress up. Get the pins out. Slap on some fake tan [most essential]. I've found the perfect skirt for just this kind of day. It's a flattering fit and grown up length, and the print feels expensive. It reminds me of a Tory Burch or J Crew print, and definitely looks more expensive than its price tag.

As the fit is so slim, I'd wear it with point toe kitten heels, and an over-sized white shirt [like the M&S no-peep style], tucked in, undone at the collar with the sleeves given that relaxed roll. Pretty perfect I'd say. Alternatively I'd match it with a bretton stripe.

And for those friends in the southern hemisphere heading into winter don't despair, this kind of style is really versatile for colder weather too. Wear it with a simple cashmere crew neck sweater, or even a relaxed grey marl jumper for a more chilled out day time look, this skirt would be perfect for a dinner date when you'll be heading straight from the car to the restaurant.

How would you wear it?

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  1. Oh love the Amy! I think the white shirt hits the nail on the head for me! I'm going to see if they still have any in stock (and then apply the tan ;-) ! Cx


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