Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Style Advice: Summer hats

Wednesday afternoon, hope you're having a good week. Today on the blog a little style advice for a friend looking for help with summer hats. 

It's that time of year here in the UK when we're finally wearing those summer clothes and accessories we dug out of the back of our wardrobes 2 months ago. Of course, intermittently with the jumpers and jackets that are a permanent fixture in our wardrobes in our particular corner of the Northern hemisphere. 

I'm a sun worshipper, there's no escaping it. As unfashionable as it is I feel happier, healthier and generally better in myself when the sun is shining, and I have a glow in my cheeks. But being British I also have that frustrating 'English tan', a beautifully bronzed face and arms in the summer months, but stubbornly pasty legs and torso. My only recourse is liberal applications of fake tan! 

For those scorching summer days, or, if you're really lucky the perfect summer holiday, a hat is essential. I would favour a fedora, trilby or panama style. Straw is classic and will go with everything, but if you'd prefer a colour go with a neutral that again will work with the majority of what's in your wardrobe. Bright cotton hats can be great for the beach, but for me are too restrictive when it comes to everyday [wishing I did spend everyday on the beach mind!].

Here are a few of my favourites.




1. Summer panama, Jigsaw | SHOP NOW
2. Straw fedora, Top Shop | SHOP NOW
3. Neutral panama, Warehouse | SHOP NOW
4. Braid straw fedora, ASOS | SHOP NOW
5. Paper packable trilby, Accessorize | SHOP NOW
6. Colored trilby, FatFace | SHOP NOW

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