Friday, 1 August 2014

Simple Inspiration: Rifle Paper Co.

Friday morning and I hope you've had a wonderful week. I'm losing track of the days, as school holidays mean weekends and weekdays merge into one. 

A little simple pondering today on the blog, reflections on the last 6 years and some creative inspiration from one of my favourite illustrators at the moment Anna Bond.

I'm in the process of working on my blog and portfolio website at the moment, trying to create a unified brand for all my work, a difficult job for someone not trained in graphic design. I'd like all my work to be under one roof, but it's a tough job as I wear so many professional hats at the moment, trying to bring all the different aspects of my professional life together is proving quite challenging. The last 6 years has seen a definite development in my outlook to my work and professional life, and has been inspired in some unexpected ways.

I left London desperate to cling onto my professional title, it was how I defined myself. I was stuck on my professional label. For someone usually not bothered by fashion labels in a more general sense, I clung on pretty damn hard. I maintained my website and email all at unnecessary cost, as I was totally attached to my name, without it I feared people would forget me. I'd somehow disappear into the ether of past fashion. It is something our society perpetuates. The first thing we ask when we meet someone new is - what do you do? I felt I couldn't just say I'm a mum, as if that didn't encompass the many facets of my life before and after Noah, so I hung onto my title of fashion stylist, now blogger and yoga teacher. Labels like these define us in our status driven society, but I think in the mix I lost sight of who I actually was, beyond the labels and convenient job descriptions. 

It was in a yoga class that I finally broke down those mental barriers, literally breaking down the layers of myself in an emotional 30 minutes of self discovery. After Noah I conceded that I was no longer the person I'd identified with before, but I couldn't figure out who I was without that title. It was literally like rebuilding a house from the foundations up, finding out who I was and starting again. 

Since that evening after Noah was born I've gotten to know myself better. I still hang on to convenient labels, but I hope people can see beyond the names, and I'm now a little slower to tell people about my life before Noah was born, preferring instead to let them get to know the person I am now rather than  a title summed up in a few words. It is quite freeing losing the attachment, and it means I don't worry so much anymore about what people might think of me. On the flip side I try to meet new people with a more open heart, not asking immediately what they do. 

The other day I filled in one of those irritating forms. The fourth line down was job title…I left it blank.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend, and the perfect start to the weekend are these gorgeous art prints from Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. They are at the top of my birthday list at the moment.

See you next week. x

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  1. What a great post, thanks for opening up Amy xx


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