Friday, 26 September 2014

Ebay - top tips

Friday morning and hope you've had a great week. Today on the blog a few tips for those of you shopping and selling on ebay to get the best from your money.

You might have spotted my recent purchase on Instagram that I was pretty incredulous about! I am still a little skeptical that it actually is a genuine Herm├Ęs wallet, but it certainly looks the real deal and was not sold as such. The seller said they didn't know the brand as it had been a gift and I just happened to stumble on it as I was looking through some other items and recognised the design. If it had been listed as the label I don't think I would have got it for the same price. Other things I've bought recently on ebay include a french antique garden table, garden chairs, Nike trainers, and designer scarf. So here are my 10 tips for getting the best for your money.

1. Search for smaller brands that are less known, certain labels will always fetch a premium on ebay because they are in such high demand, whilst other brands can still be bought at a bargain price. I look out for brands like J & M Davdison, Goat, Equipment and Cos.

2. If you discover someone who shares your taste and dress size see what else they are selling. Quite often people will have a wardrobe clear out and you can buy a few items at once, saving postage charges.

3. Be careful when buying from overseas sellers as you can get stung on shipping charges.

4. Have a budget in mind and stick to it. Ebay can be as much about the buzz of bidding on an item last minute, but the combination of a couple of glasses of wine and a silk Equipment blouse can be an intoxicating mix so don't be tempted to keep increasing your maximum bid.

5. Look out for top end high street items at low end prices. There isn't a huge benefit to be had in buying a Zara jumper for £5 on ebay then paying £3 in postage charges. You're not really getting a maximum return on your investment, but a Nicole Farhi jumper for £25 is much better value, it will last you longer and you're likely to wear it more.

Do you have any tips that you've learnt from shopping on auction sites? Are there other sites you prefer to ebay? I'd love to hear from you. Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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