Thursday, 4 September 2014

Post Holiday Post

A little later than expected I'm back from our holiday, much browner, unhealthier and poorer than before we left, but it was worth every penny and calorie! I hope you had a great summer (or winter time) whatever you were up to.
The reason for my tardiness is my Mac problems finally got the better of me. After delaying updating my hard drive until after our vacation, it took a stressful few hours and a lot of swearing to finally get the hard drive in place and book the earliest appointment at the Apple store to get the software reinstalled. Which has left me for 5 days without the use of my computer, who knew I was so reliant on this piece of metal for running my life?
The hope is by next week I'll be back on track but I'm learning not to count my chickens before they,ve hatched. So until then a little food for proverbial thought.
On Monday when I realised my computer  was definitely kaput I have to be honest there was a moment of sheer panic. My eyes welled up, my heart quickened and I genuinely thought what am I going to do! Then I thought get a bloody grip, it's a computer, life goes on. I've had to be creative about using my phone, borrowing the husband's iPad (this post courtesy of) and just learning to take a step back for a moment and acknowledge those things I can do (notice no pretty pictures on today's post -sorry), rather than focusing on the things I can't. But in all honesty we've had bigger considerations this week than my broken laptop. Noah has been back to school in a new class and at 5 these kinds of changes are pretty big deals, he has spent evenings crying and nighttimes restless and fitful, which is stressful for mum as well as son. I know given time he'll settle back into a steady routine and life will return to normal, and for the meantime I'm taking the time to be with him when he needs me and do those things I can for myself without my computer.
It is a lesson we also learn in yoga to accept where we are now, and smile through the discomfort, for 'this too shall pass'.
Have a great week and all being well, see you here next week with pictures and style inspiration.

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