Monday, 15 September 2014

Style Advice: Autumn wedding

This week's style advice is for a friend heading to an autumn wedding, she has bought a flattering red dress and wanted ideas of what shoes to wear with it. 

I love a bold dress for a wedding. It's a great time to make a statement with your clothes, same for dinner out with friends or your partner, don't be shy of expressing your personality and vitality. There are some great dresses out there at the moment for all shapes and sizes. This pleated neck style from Warehouse [2] is a great style for more curvy shapes with the really elegant longer length and cinched waist. For those of us with less of a waistline and bust to boast I like the shift shape [3] which would look great with a dramatic necklace. 

1. Open back dress, Zara | SHOP NOW |
2. Tuck neck pencil dress, Warehouse | SHOP NOW |
3. Colour block crepe dress, Jigsaw | SHOP NOW |

When you're rocking a really simple style dress I think you can afford to go with a shoe that has more detail and interest. Black can look really elegant, but if you go with the wrong shape it can also look like you've come from the office, so something neutral, metallic or contrasting can avoid this. 

These shoes aren't shy! Consider the shape of your shoe with the style of your dress, and if you're brave try mixing styles and statements in an unexpected way, so for example a classic, elegant dress could look really modern with a bold, block heel like style 3. The main thing is to express a little of your personality and don't be afraid to mix it up.

1. Jazmina, Moda in Pelle | SHOP NOW |
2. Internoppo ankle strap, Aldo at House of Fraser | SHOP NOW |
3. Ocirewen, Aldo  | SHOP NOW |
4. Aonda Natural, Dune | SHOP NOW |

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  1. Hi Amy, so nice to 'meet' you and thanks for popping into my blog. I love red and all these dresses are gorgeous. I think my choice would be dress no. 2 paired with shoes no. 1. I really like the two tone colour of the shoes and would feel very special dressed in this for a wedding. I hope you guys in the UK have a lovely Autumn. :)


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