Monday, 6 October 2014

Simply shopping: Autumn shoes

Monday afternoon and I hope you had a great weekend. The new week has arrived here and brought autumn with it. The wind is bringing ruddy leaves off the trees and the skies are heavy with cold rain. It's a day for snuggling down with a warm drink and the fire on, but too much to do here. 

The changing seasons always bring about a shift in our clothes as the lighter summer coats and t-shirts are moved to the back of the cupboard and we dig out our thick jumpers, heavy coats and winter boots. 

So today's post is a few of my favourite shoes for the new season. Practical autumn flats that will survive the school run or busy high street on a Saturday. My favourites are the t-bar flats from Boden but with the exposed sides you don't want to be wearing those in a thunderstorm. For the worst the weather has to throw at us I think the brogue is the most hardy. The Next style are great value, but I've thrown in a few pricier pairs in the spirit of balance.

How do you fair in colder weather? Do you survive the winter in boots? I'd love to hear from you. Have a great week and see you on Wednesday.

Contrast cleated lace ups, Next | SHOP NOW |
Black tassel loafer, Wallis | SHOP NOW |
Collection calf hair double zip loafer, J Crew | SHOP NOW |
Flat t-bar point toe, Boden | SHOP NOW |
Suede skater, Hush | SHOP NOW |
Millie Derby brogue, Toast | SHOP NOW |
H by Hudson tassel loafer, Coggles | SHOP NOW |

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  1. Hope you have had a lovely week Amy. The Boden T-bars are cute and I missed out on the zebra print ones ;-( I must admit I am a wimp when it comes to rain and the colder weather, so I tend to live in boots. I need to swap all my summer shoes over this weekend, although despite the cold, I do love this time of year x


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