Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Wednesday afternoon and I hope you're having a great day. I've spent a lovely morning in the studio doing yoga and planning my next lesson on Friday. Over the years I've always come back to my yoga practice as a way to ground myself. It's like an antidote to modern life, which often takes us out of ourselves with technology, hectic work schedules and busy lives that function so much in our heads. Yoga reconnects me with my body and most importantly my breath. Which is the quickest way to focus on the present moment and for a short time I can leave worries and stresses aside. Do you practice? What is your experience of yoga I'd love to hear.

For today's shopping page a simple outfit that would be so handy for work, meetings or just out and about. I love the relaxed feel of the Top Shop blouse, but it would still look smart enough for the office I think. A black lace bra peaking out would really up the ante for evening, then you could throw on a pair of high heels and you're good to go. 

After a few hours of yoga you feel set for the day ahead. I hope your week is going well and I'll catch you on Friday.

1. Drape front blouse, Top Shop | SHOP NOW |
2. Tapered trousers, Cos Stores | SHOP NOW |
3. Leather saddle bag, M&S | SHOP NOW |
4. Michael Kors slim watch, Watch Warehouse | SHOP NOW |
5. Agatha suede flat, LK Bennett | SHOP NOW |


  1. Lovely post Amy! I went off on sabbatical eleven years ago, to the Sivananda ashram in Northern California. I completed my teacher training and also qualified in kids yoga. I must admit to letting my practice slip the past few years, since I've had my little boy. It's probably when I've needed it the most, chasing around after a three year old! We are living a little in the middle of nowhere at the moment so I should buy some new dvd's or download some classes from Sky, and get myself motivated again - Keri x

  2. Hey Keri, great to hear from you and absolutely the time you need it the most is when you have the least time to do it! There are some great short sequences on Youtube. I really enjoy Colleen Saidman on Plum TV, her sequencing is really straightforward and at 20 minutes I can usually squeeze it in before the school run with a few sun salutations thrown in. I'm very envious you went to the ashram in Northern California, I'm hoping one day I'll make a similar trip. I first started yoga with a great Sivananda teacher 16 years ago. Hope you manage to find the time and motivation soon - Amy x


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