Friday, 17 October 2014

Weekend shopping inspiration: Coggles, Next, & Other Stories

Friday afternoon and I hope you've had a brilliant week. This is the first occasion I've had this week to sit at my computer which has meant a lot of my usual tasks have been put on hold including my blog. A busy week at work, it has meant I've had to practice acceptance - not easy when my mind is arguing that I have a list of obligations to get to, but for now they have had to wait. I've had to accept that that is OK - not easy right? How do you find those moments when something has to give? 

I read a great article in Yoga Journal this week about the Purusharthas which in the yogic tradition are said to point us towards fulfilment, the first of which is dharma or our duty - the link is here if you'd like to read the piece. Thinking in these terms has helped me as it has made my priorities a little clearer. Acknowledging that we can't do everything is the hardest part sometimes.

So for this week a little lite-inspiration for the weekend. Why don't you try wearing or doing something new? Clashing your colours or prints? Dressing up, instead of dressing down? Buying an accessory that shouts a little louder. Have fun with your clothes and push the boundaries a little as to what it means to be you now. And accept the present moment for what it is - you'll feel a lot lighter and that's got to be the best way to start the weekend.

Have a great one and see you next week.

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  1. Some wise words Amy! I hope that your weekend is a little calmer for you. Cute outfit combo like always. Hugs to you. Mel xx

  2. Thanks Mel, would love the time to devote to my blog but life has other ideas at the moment. Hope you're enjoying the warm weather xx


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