Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Wednesday evening here and I'm late posting today as I've been in the studio since early this morning after an arduous journey into work, in the rain, in line after line of standing traffic. Yes, one of those days. 

Today's post is for those of us in the chilly North. Here are my five favourite styles of winter coats. Coats, much like scarves, are one of the things I'm naturally drawn to when out shopping. I have far too many that take up far too much room in our house, most of which I never wear. But with the worst circulation of anyone in our family, a warm coat is essential for me when the weather gets cold, along with gloves, and scarf, hat and boots, just to be extra insulated! Most important, it needs to cover my bum, don't ask me why, perhaps I feel the cold in my rear end like some arthritic octogenarian? 

What is your favourite style? Do you feel the cold or are you made of hardier stuff? Have a great week and see you Friday. x

1. Short hooded coat, Zara | SHOP NOW |
2. Checked blanket coat, Next | SHOP NOW |
3. Parka, Hush | SHOP NOW |
4. Jordanston Car Coat, Baukjen | SHOP NOW |
5. Orange boyfriend pea coat, River Island | SHOP NOW |


  1. Amy I'm like you - I can't stand the cold at all. In fact, I will still have a throw near by for a summer evening on the couch. The hooded is my favourite with your picks. Mel x

  2. Ha, me too Mel, summer evenings can get chilly though! I visited a house at the weekend with the most incredible outdoor fireplace - very envious - perfect for those evenings. xx


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