Where to start? I'm 39 and mum to 7 year old Noah. I live in Yorkshire and work as a freelance fashion stylist and a BSY trained yoga teacher, a 16 year ambition I fulfilled recently. 

Of course there's more to my story than that, like all of us of a certain age I've had a fun time getting here. I grew up in Rotherham, close to where we now live, and left when I was 16 to live and study in Belgium where I made incredible friends and learnt about the best design in the world and moules frites - if you haven't been - go!

I spent 3 years at university in Reading where I read English Literature, but more importantly worked on the student newspaper and learnt about working to tight deadlines with a hangover. After uni I headed to London with a suitcase of clothes and an iron will to make it in fashion journalism. 

Red was the only magazine to offer me a work placement, and I was fortunate to stick around long enough to become fashion editor, eventually moving to Cosmopolitan

My heart lead me on a new path in 2006 when my husband and I moved back up the motorway to my Yorkshire roots where we've been ever since. Noah arrived in 2008. 

In 2014 I qualified as a BSY yoga teacher and teach 2 classes at a studio in Sheffield [Yoga at the Reach]. Yoga is about achieving a better balance and perspective in all things and has helped me throughout all the transitional times in my life. 

Simple Style encompasses all those things I love, from mindfulness and yoga to beautiful style and inspiring design. It is about living your best life, simply and with clarity and conviction.

I love to hear from you so add a comment in the comment box if you get the urge, or drop me a message via the style advice box to the right of the screen.
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